Hela August 9, 2019

FILE – In this Feb. 8, 2019, file photo a pedestrian walks down South Broad Street in Philadelphia. Bounce back from a personal loan rejection by building your credit score, growing your income and paying off debt. Shop around and apply at lenders whose minimum qualifications you meet. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File) Getting rejected for […]

Hela July 9, 2019

A personal loan is an unsecured loan. It is the reason behind personal loan interest rates being higher than other loan interest rates. The interest rate charged on a personal loan depends on the personal loan eligibility criteria of the borrower. Interest rates on a personal loan determine the cost of the loan that you […]

Hela June 7, 2019

New Delhi: A personal loan is a multipurpose loan that an individual avails either from a bank or NBFC to meet his personal needs. This collateral- free loan is not dedicated to a specific purpose like a home loan or an education loan and can be used to deal with different situations like a wedding, […]

Hela May 13, 2019

Let’s discuss the fees and charges attached to personal loans to help you better evaluate how much do they actually cost. If you were unsure about the popularity of personal loans in the country, check out this statistic: the total number of unsecured instalment loans stands at 16 million accounts as of December 2018 with […]

Hela February 19, 2019

Personal loans are useful during emergencies, when you face a financial crunch. With the easy availability of such loans, hassle-free application processes, and low interest rates, more and more people are currently availing these loans. Inexperience when applying for loans can, however, lead to mistakes which may lead to your loan applications getting rejected. Here […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Competition from large, established technology companies (BigTech) and financial technology (FinTech) could put pressure on the profitability of financial institutions and lead them to take on more risks to protect their margins.  As part of its ongoing monitoring of BigTech and FinTech influence on financial institutions, the Financial Stability Board (FSB),  today published “FinTech and market structure […]

Hela February 15, 2019

With surging deposit base and ever-rising profits, Bandhan Bank is now facing the problem of plenty for its capital deployment. At a time when most of the top-rung scheduled commercial banks are either waiting for the government to infuse capital or are burdened with dud loans, Bandhan is witnessing a surge in deposits which grew […]

Hela February 15, 2019

The recent devastation in Kerala has posed a new challenge to the microfinance sector, particularly the niche institutions that are concentrated in select geographies. Natural calamities in southern states like severe floods in Tamil Nadu in 2015 and now in Kerala have dealt a body blow to the sector which was hit the hardest during […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch had once said, “Invest in what you know”. Sharma wakes up in the morning to the alarm on his Apple iPhone or Android phone powered by a Qualcomm chip. He goes for a morning walk or the gym in his Nike or Adidas shoes and his fitness wearable from Fitbit […]