Hela September 8, 2019

A recurring concept that kept coming up throughout the conference was the idea of repurposing written content to video. GETTY Content marketing is part of the customer experience. But there is a better way of thinking about it. Even the term content marketing is, to borrow a phrase, “so last year.” The updated term is content experience. Even […]

Hela September 6, 2019

NEW DELHI: Around 54 stocks fell to touch their 52-week lows on NSE in Friday’s session. Among the stocks that touched their 52-week lows were Indiabulls Housing Finance, Indiabulls Ventures, Dynamatic Technologies, Apollo Micro Systems and Dhanuka Agritech. De Nora India, Muthoot Capital Services and TCPL Packaging also featured among the stocks that touched their 52-week lows […]

Hela September 3, 2019

It’s been a year since John Lewis and Waitrose unveiled their new visual identities and launched their first joint marketing campaign. A fiercely competitive retail market had prompted a rebrand a few months prior, adding ‘& Partners’ to both names. But the John Lewis Partnership (JLP), which owns both retailers, wanted to do something big to show customers what actually makes […]

Hela September 1, 2019

Whether you want to surprise your spouse with a week-long vacation to Thailand or want to make a down payment for your car, when it comes to borrowing finance to achieve your goals, a personal loan is a resource that you can always count on. This is because lenders have simplified the eligibility terms, making […]

Hela August 31, 2019

The most popular metric to help determine marketing strategy is satisfaction, according to research from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School. The research team analyzed over 4384 managerial decisions from 1637 firms in 16 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Russia, India and China. Over half (53%) of the marketing mix decisions analyzed […]

Hela August 30, 2019

Banks and non-banking financial institutions offering personal loan basically require three proofs. One is for proof of income, the other is proof of identity and the third is a proof of the borrower’s address. Lenders also need you to submit bank account statements for the past three months. You also need to fill up the […]

Hela August 27, 2019

Indian stock markets are expected to continue to rise on Tuesday following liquidity support by Reserve Bank of India and firm global cues. The RBI said on Monday that it will transfer ₹1.76 trillion to the government this fiscal. The additional amount of ₹86,000 crore that the government will receive this year above its budgeted ₹90,000 crore as […]

Hela August 26, 2019

One of the core tenets of marketing is that a company should maintain voice consistency in everything it’s doing, including advertising. However, that may not be always beneficial, as personalization and customization of a campaign and by extension, a company’s voice in a given context, may yield much better results. This is the main idea […]

Hela August 24, 2019

Cracking down on a flurry of apps selling personal loans in a deceiving manner on Play Store, Google has brought a stringent policy for such apps to create a safeguard for susceptible customers. It means the apps, which lure customers with low-interest rate loans and eventually defraud them with tricky terms & conditions and charging […]