admin February 11, 2019

Narendra Modi,PM Narendra Modi,Philip Kotler Presidential award

Amid row over Prime Minister Narendra Modi receiving the Philip Kotler Presidential Award, the marketing guru, after whom the award is named, listed the reasons why the Indian leader was chosen.

Philip Kotler wrote that Prime Minister Modi stood the highest in the criteria used to select a winner. “He has improved his country’s image and visibility on the global stage. A committee voted on possible leaders given the criteria. The final decision was mine”, he wrote after political sparring followed in India following the announcement of the award.

Tweeting the link of his interview “to clear all the confusion over the award” presented to Modi, Kotler listed the criteria used for the selection. He wrote, the Kotler leader is one who:

•believes in representative government and in social justice.

•believes that a good society will build a healthy business climate.

•encourages businesses to practice the triple bottom line, namely to balance profits, people, and the planet in their deliberations.

•sincerely and wholeheartedly works for the Common Good.

Kotler’s post came after Congress President tweeted a tongue-in-cheek congratulatory message. “In fact it’s (the award) so famous it has no jury, has never been given out before and is backed by an unheard of Aligarh company,” Rahul Gandhi posted.