Personal Loan

Hela October 1, 2019

With Diwali around the corner you may be looking to give your home a festive makeover, rather than simply attending to annual cleaning, retiling, and repainting. In fact, the festive season is an ideal time to do so as you get attractive offers on furniture, furnishings, carpets, wall art, décor and more. What makes this […]

Hela September 23, 2019

A personal loan is a credit that a bank offers to a person based on the applicant’s credit worthiness. There is no security required for this kind of loan. This means that if you need funds for a short period of time to meet an emergency expense or go on a vacation or pay for […]

Hela September 21, 2019

“Hassle free experience with minimum documentation, no bank visits, no unwanted calls. Get pre-approved-personal loans with faster disbursal.” You might have received hundreds of such SMSes or calls from bank executives congratulating you on being only a few steps away from securing a pre-approved loan under your name. So, what is a pre-approved personal loan? […]

Hela September 17, 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam mark the beginning of festival season in India. Very soon, we will celebrate Navratri and Diwali as well. As the joyous season is ushered in, costs also tend to spiral as you tend to spend on clothing, new household stuff you wish to buy, mobiles, jewellery and vehicles among other things. […]

Hela September 1, 2019

Whether you want to surprise your spouse with a week-long vacation to Thailand or want to make a down payment for your car, when it comes to borrowing finance to achieve your goals, a personal loan is a resource that you can always count on. This is because lenders have simplified the eligibility terms, making […]

Hela August 30, 2019

Banks and non-banking financial institutions offering personal loan basically require three proofs. One is for proof of income, the other is proof of identity and the third is a proof of the borrower’s address. Lenders also need you to submit bank account statements for the past three months. You also need to fill up the […]

Hela August 24, 2019

Cracking down on a flurry of apps selling personal loans in a deceiving manner on Play Store, Google has brought a stringent policy for such apps to create a safeguard for susceptible customers. It means the apps, which lure customers with low-interest rate loans and eventually defraud them with tricky terms & conditions and charging […]

Hela August 20, 2019

Unsecured finance, which includes both credit card debt and personal loans amounted to INR 5,00,000 Crores at the end of FY18. This number is double of the FDI inflows (INR 3,00,000 Crores) into our country during the same fiscal year. A large chunk of unsecured finance goes towards financing consumption largely addressing home renovation, purchase […]

Hela August 16, 2019

From purely the financial benefit point of view, you should make a bulk repayment in your loan. By Chaitali Dutta Is the interest rate on a personal loan fixed for the whole tenure? – Gautam Very few bank loans in India are on a fixed interest rate basis. Personal loans are also on a floating rate. […]