Hela April 24, 2019

Having adequate amount of money at the right time for what you intend to do is like a dream come true. Tenets of personal finance talk about creation and execution of financial plan for financial well-being of an individual. But what you plan today may not work next year, as your needs change, your cash-flow […]

Hela March 22, 2019

ESAF to offer customers IFFCO Tokio’s gamut of general insurance solutions IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd, a private general insurer, has entered into a strategic partnership with Kerala-based ESAF Small Finance Bank (ESAF SFB), a scheduled bank. The partnership will enable customers of ESAF SFB to enjoy the benefits of organised financial protection products […]

Hela March 3, 2019

Non-banking financial company L&T Finance is planning to raise up to Rs 1,500 crore through non-convertible debenture issues in three tranches. The base size of the issue, which is opening on March 6 and closing on 20, is Rs 500 crore, with an option to retain over-subscription up to Rs 1,000 crore, company said on […]

Hela February 20, 2019

Equitas Small Finance Bank keeps interest rates on deposits higher than its bigger rivals in order to aid deposits growth, said MD and CEO PN Vasudevan. “Significantly we do operate on the lending side in the informal economy where the supply of money from the banking sector has been very low, so the ability to pass on 0.5 percent […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Unemployment is near record lows. Salaries appear to be growing. Consumer confidence is as high as it’s been in years. But at the same time, recent stock market turmoil has scared the crap out of many people. With Trump seemingly trying single handedly to ignite a trade war, many investors are beginning to realize that […]

Hela February 15, 2019

New York Times bestselling author Gaby Dunn talks personal finance, why the millennial label is fake, 401 (k) and student loans in her latest book, “Bad with Money.” Photo credit: Laura Massa/Michael Priest Photography.LAURA MASSA/MICHAEL PRIEST PHOTOGRAPHY. From bat mitzvahs to 401 (k)s, the book chronologically follows Dunn’s life, alternating between offering life lessons and explaining complex financial […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Companies are deploying advanced technologies, like the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), in a variety of ways. With AI, for example, organizations are finding ways to be more productive, increase speed to market and better engage with customers. These technologies are also increasingly being deployed in the finance function, a trend that is ultimately transforming […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Retirement can be defined as achieving financial independence in the third stage of life – typically after age 62 when you can claim Social Security. There’s also a rapidly growing movement around FIRE (Financial Independence Retirement Early) where people aim to achieve financial independence and gain complete control over their scarcest resource, their time, at […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Finance is hardly known for its youthfulness, yet this year’s Finance 30 Under 30s are proving that an old industry can learn new tricks. These young venture capitalists, fintech entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts and Millennial bankers, with an average age of just 27, are reshaping the sector and transforming our relationship with money. The members of […]

Hela February 15, 2019

Competition from large, established technology companies (BigTech) and financial technology (FinTech) could put pressure on the profitability of financial institutions and lead them to take on more risks to protect their margins.  As part of its ongoing monitoring of BigTech and FinTech influence on financial institutions, the Financial Stability Board (FSB),  today published “FinTech and market structure […]