Hela December 11, 2019

Each one of us faces a shortage of funds at some point in life. Whether it is due to some personal emergency or any lifestyle purchase, it is always recommended to manage your finances carefully. It is not advisable to abruptly hurt your savings and investment plans due to every unplanned expense. You must always […]

Hela December 9, 2019

New Delhi: In case of an urgent requirement of cash, people often rely on personal loans. The rate of interest on them is higher than that on home, auto or other types of loans. Lenders usually consider many factors before sanctioning the loan to the customers who have applied for it. These include the loan amount, […]

Hela December 8, 2019

Marketing a brand is hardly a complex venture in the 21st century. With Google ads, Facebook ads and other conventional online and offline tactics, it is hardly something that any entrepreneur is losing sleep over. That is, unless you run a CBD-based business or any hemp-based product. In spite of the recent boom in the industry, […]

Hela December 7, 2019

Shares of Reliance Communications extended the winning streak for the 14th consecutive session on December 6, ending the day 4.12 percent higher at Rs 1.01 on BSE. In the last 14 sessions, the stock has gained 77.2 percent. However, in the calendar year 2019, the stock has lost 93 percent of its market value. Reliance Communications has […]

Hela December 3, 2019

New Delhi: Getting a credit card loan is very easy nowadays. Banks keep on calling customers with good repayment profile to give them loan against their credit card limit. Many people get into the trap and take credit card loans, as it is easily available as compared to personal loan from banks, which require some documentation and […]

Hela December 2, 2019

Acosta Inc., the marketing firm owned by Carlyle Group LP, has gone bankrupt after big consumer-product firms decided to do more of the work themselves to keep up with changing consumer tastes. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Wilmington, Delaware, with support from creditors on a plan that would hand them ownership of a […]

Hela December 1, 2019

Financial markets have changed in many ways thanks to the technological advancements and regulatory changes. Stock markets have evolved quite a bit through the use of communication technologiesNSE -0.44 % and rapid improvement physical infrastructure. The implications of massive high frequency trading are becoming increasingly clear in equity and other financial markets. Computer-based trading, including algorithmic trading (AT) and […]

Hela November 29, 2019

The prime festive season may have just ended, but ‘Hurry! Offer only till stocks last’ sales pitches of a different kind have started. Life insurance distributors are pushing prospective policyholders to buy policies before 30 November, 2019. The new Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) life insurance product guidelines will come into force from 1 […]

Hela November 10, 2019

Google has banned services that offer predatory personal loans from the Play Store. The change was quietly revealed on the company’s ‘restricted content’ policy page, which now lists high-interest loan services among the types of apps no longer allowed in the store, including certain payday loan apps, ones offering access to peer-to-peer loans, title loans, […]

Hela November 5, 2019

According to the Bharat Microfinance Report, microfinance “through MFIs” is servicing 43 million accounts. About 85% of the accounts serviced with 83% gross loan portfolio are being serviced through NBFC MFIs. NBFCs and NBFC MFIs are directly regulated by RBI for microfinance operations where the quantum of overall lending to the borrower, the number of […]